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Welcome to Project Edutainment

By 02/01/2021January 4th, 2021New ventures, Project Edutainment

Enough procrastination! I’ve looked at Federico Zuccari’s rarely exhibited ‘Dante’ drawings on the Uffizi website (5 minutes – I need to give them proper attention and that isn’t my aim for the day), and checked out Trinny Woodall on Instagram (20 minutes – there was a new video of her 3am purchases that were mostly disasters and I couldn’t begin to imagine tearing myself away, but also she’s brilliant and has been hugely inspirational in all sorts of weird ways so I’m forgiving myself), but now I need to start.

Start what?

Writing the new project that has been brewing for the last few months.

The thing is that my screen is a terrifying blank canvas, echoed I notice by my view which, thanks to all the lovely white bed linen laid out to dry, also resembles the cloudy puff that is my brain.

Most of us have been here and, as the cliché goes, the biggest step is the first one. So, off I go. Project Edutainment.

After a cup of tea…

Beginning a new project
Lynne Hanley

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