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If paintings could throw glitter you’ll be sparkling from head to toe! The flamboyance of Bronzino’s St Sebastian finds its match in the outrageous demands of Titian’s Diana, plus we’ll meet Joshua Reynold’s most controversial model, Kitty Fisher, and unravel the secrets of a work by Tintoretto that panders to a patron who may well be the biggest diva of them all. Sexy, fun and brimming with irreverence and gossip, feather boas are optional.

Thursday 8 October 6.00 – 7.00pm, £10 per person

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Zooming in on Zeus

Grab a glass of vino and join Bacchus and friends in a romp through four fabulous paintings about Greek mythology. Through the works of great masters such as Rubens, Titian and Goya, we’ll unravel some outrageous narratives which are often matched by the stories behind the canvas.

Thursday 15 October 6.00 – 7.00pm, £10 per person

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Wicked Women (as we head towards Halloween!)

Wickedly seductive, wickedly fabulous or just plain wicked? From the celebrated Venetian master, Titian, to the Spanish court painter, Velázquez, by way of perhaps the most famous artist in the world, Leonardo da Vinci, we’ll lift the skirts and peer down the cleavages of four sumptuous paintings, zooming in to tease out secrets and revel in the beauty, audacity, courage and, yes, wickedness of the women within them.

Thursday 22 October 6.00 – 7.00pm, £10 per person

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More details to follow

Thursday 29 October 6 – 7pm, £10 per person

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I was delighted to have the opportunity to interview the wonderful Lilianne Milgrom, author of ‘L’Orgine, the secret life of the world’s most erotic masterpiece’. We had a ball and she spilled the beans on everything from her feelings of protection towards the painting to wanting to paint nude in the Musée d’Orsay! To watch the interview click HERE.

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The mysteries of art revealed!

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