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Video downloads are now available!

Did you miss a specific Zoom tour? Would you like to enjoy an entertaining foray into art at your leisure? Simply click on the link to download one of my recorded talks.

Dynamic and fun, they aren’t recorded Zoom talks but mini art programmes filmed against a green screen (the same technology most famously used for weather reporters!), designed to transport you to another world!

We have the Impression it’s Christmas!
An interactive introduction to six artists from the Impressionist era based around the theme of Christmas. Where does the tradition of oranges at Christmas originate? Why was Degas a nightmare dinner guest and what happened in the woods to put Monet in bed for several days? 60 minutes of great art and quite a few ‘well, I didn’t know that’ moments combine for an unusual and entertaining video that doesn’t just need to be for Christmas!
Duration: approx. 60 minutes

Spooky Tales of Art
The one where anything could happen! Voluptuous maidens meet their worst nightmares in the vivid imaginations of supernatural surrealist Henri Fuseli and Renaissance prophet of doom Hans Baldung. Rubens and Goya have a visceral take on a very dark Greek myth, but worse could be still to come. Somewhere out there, in a dark forest grove, Salvator Rosa’s terrifying witches may be casting a spell over us all. Don your horns and join in the devilment!
Duration: approx. 60 minutes



  • We have the Impression it’s Christmas Video Download

  • Spooky Tales of Art Video Download