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Art Drama Passion
art experiences – putting the story into art history
art historian in National Gallery

Have you often thought you’d like to know more about art but never had the time or been too daunted to know where to start?

Welcome to Beyond the Palette where art history and entertainment are gloriously combined. 

Join me and start your voyage into a curious but often laughably familiar world as we delve into the stories, beauty and obscurity of artworks from medieval altarpieces to impressionism, via the renaissance, baroque and rococo. 

Let me take you beyond the palette where artworks, artists, scandals, myths and the simple everyday lives of ordinary people are all woven into accessible, relatable and humorous narratives to make art history as inspiring and exciting for you as it is for me.

We really enjoyed Wicked Women. You were natural and funny that made it easy to follow the commentary.

Chris and Jeanette,Kent

A tour de force... fascinating, funny and memorable, you made the hour fly by

Diana Isabel Jervis-ReadFellow of the Royal Society of Arts

A Special Virtual Valentine Treat

Join me for an evening of love, lust and lucky escapes where we celebrate the romantic liaisons immortalised in art that haven’t gone right as well as one or two that have. Double takes, delicious dimples and double-entendres are woven together in this interactive and seductive valentine treat. Partners not required!

Friday 12 February, 7pm. To book click here.

Saturday 13 February, 7pm. SOLD OUT


Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Buy this virtual art experience for your loved one and receive a 50% discount on an additional ticket. Contact me to arrange a beautiful, personalised gift voucher for the lucky recipient.

art historian eyeing up a statue of Venus
art historian showing reverence to Artemisia Gentileschi

Would you like an in person art tour?

Let me share my knowledge with you. I operate virtual art tours via Zoom and, when possible, gallery art tours at the National Gallery in London.

There is further information about the virtual art tours I offer on the virtual art tours page. Why not book your own private Zoom tour for a personalised, interactive art experience to be enjoyed  from the comfort of your own home? You’ll find all the booking details there. I’d love to hear from you.

In light of the current pandemic, tours at the National Gallery have been put on hold. However,  situations change, and when they do, I’d be so happy to meet you there for a private gallery art tour. If you’d like to know more, take a look on the gallery art tours page for the themed art tours usually available. If you’re planning ahead, contact me to arrange a private art tour to take place when the National Gallery is welcoming visitors once more.

Are you looking for a unique gift?

A Beyond the Palette gift voucher is the perfect solution for an unusual and thoughtful gift. Click here and take the first step to a personalised voucher to send to a lucky recipient or recipients, available for private Zoom art tours and private gallery art tours.

See my media page for regular new content, or join me live on Instagram for ‘Elevenses with Lynne’ every Thursday at 11am. I’d love you to sample some of what Beyond the Palette has to offer; you’ll certainly get a flavour of quirkier art history!

To stay in touch and find out what’s new, join the mailing list here.

Art historian in feathers outside the National Gallery

If you’d like to see and hear more, there are lots of videos on the media page so do take a look.