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Curated Canapés and Cocktails

Bite sized arty titbits

If you think art history isn’t for you, perhaps you haven’t seen Curated Canapés and Cocktails? They are bite sized arty titbits that mostly centre on a single artwork. Each video is made using a green screen and is up to 3 minutes long. Many of them include slightly bonkers trailers that were a lot of fun to make and often include cocktails in one way or another! You can view them all below, and on the Free Art Videos page. The first video of this type that I made is at the bottom of the playlist; you can access it by clicking the playlist button in the top right corner of the video and scrolling down. I’ve added each episode in the order that it was released.

The story of Curated Canapés and Cocktails so far:

The story of Curated Canapés and Cocktails is on going and exciting.

Having been persuaded by someone who knows a thing or two about entertainment that I should use my green screen more creatively, I accepted the challenge and Curated Canapés and Cocktails was born. The concept was, and still is, to impart gems of knowledge in short bursts about artworks in an unusual and entertaining way and include the odd cocktail, canapé and general bit of fun and silliness to raise a smile and occasionally an eyebrow!

In my first video I made devilled eggs on camera and discovered the perils of only essentially being able to do one take! Man alive, those devilled eggs were disgusting.

I then hit on the idea of creating 1 minute trailers which evolved from making cocktails to doing ballet and covering myself in Mindful Chef packaging. Any painting, sculpture or artist that took my fancy and was ripe to be given the CCC makeover was duly mulled over until an idea cropped up and a concept developed.  This concept was then scripted, filmed, edited and released.

I was loving creating these ‘bite sized arty titbits’ as they became known, but I realised that although the scattergun approach was fun, I could do far more with this particular brand of art history.

The future of Curated Canapés and Cocktails:

How many times have you idly thought that you’d love to know more about art history?

There’s a wealth of cultural knowledge within the world of art that is uniquely glorious because it relates to so many other topics and conversations. Knowing a bit about art is a life skill, like knowing about wine or literature.

In the spirit of wanting to share everything I know about art and art history in the most entertaining and accessible way possible, I am working on a series of  short but fact filled Curated Canapés and Cocktail style videos that start with classical antiquity and continue to the present day. The first 12 videos will be an overview of 12 pivotal moments working chronologically through the centuries and then I’ll build on them as time goes on.

Interested? It’s all free so why not click here to start your arty adventure.