This scene is missing a key building that would house a large version of the percussion instruments that is associated with Santa’s vehicle in this song. Can you hear them?

The house on the right in the foreground shares a colour with the surname of a gentleman mentioned in this song, although he would melt at the suggestion.

It isn’t Hyde Park (definitely not this year, that’s for sure!) but let’s hope the people in this work feel they’re perambulating in a seasonal version of this awesome realm.


These vegetables could be noisy if you use the name commonly used in the USA

This carafe might contain something stronger than wine that will give you Christmas sparkle

This is a still life however this song is definitely on the move; you’ll be hurrying through it and although your journey might be cold, it certainly won’t be boring!


There should be a decorated tree at the centre of this painting as there is in the festive party in the song, but these couples are certainly dancing with smiles on their faces, although they could equally pull the move the song suggests in a chair…

The question is are they completely modern or going back to their past?